prompt: leaves, blue post-it notes, cupcakes (if any of those sound good!)

* * * * * *

it was late september, and red-yellow-orange parachutes were cartwheeling down from the trees. i was home alone one afternoon and as i sat at my desk, i heard the doorbell ring. not really feeling up to getting the door, i crept down the stairs, avoiding the creaky steps, and furtively peeked out the front window. no one was there, but something sat on the front stoop that i couldn’t quite identify.

"excellent," i sighed as i slung open the door. on the step sat a tupperware with a post-it note bedecking the lid. i lifted the container to eye level and saw that it held a dozen red velvet cupcakes. the note read "for you" in a scrawl unfamiliar to my eye. i stepped out of my doorway and looked down both directions of my street. nothing and no one.

i shrugged, and turned to head inside. i couldn’t say no to a mysterious afternoon snack.

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